The Difference Between a WILL and a LIVING WILL in Westerville, Ohio.

WILLS – Your Will tells a Probate Court what to do with your property after your death in addition to other important directives. You will name an Executor and an Alternative Executor whose functions are to see that the terms of your Will are followed and perform other administrative tasks under the supervision of the County Probate Court. You may make specific bequests of certain property to specific beneficiaries. You may also state other important directives such as nominating a particular individual to act as the guardian of your minor children. You can change your Will at any time. However, a Will should be drafted by a lawyer and executed with the requisite statutory formality. Because your Will is such an important document, we provide an option of storing the original in our safety deposit box, without charge.

LIVING WILL – A Living Will authorizes a physician to withhold life-sustaining treatment in the event you are in a terminal condition from which you will not recover in the opinion of two physicians. It is a misnomer in that it has nothing to do with living or the disposition of your assets. It is a document which permits a physician to “pull the plug” in the event that it is medically determined that your terminal condition will not improve. It is an advance directive to the medical community to allow you to die peacefully without the exhaustion of your accumulated assets. The document requires the medical community to keep you comfortable and pain free. You should keep the original at your home with your important papers. Copies should be given to the persons you have designated as those with whom the physicians should discuss your condition. We also recommend that a copy be given to your family physician.